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Self-education for children 3+ years old.

Features 3 languages: English, Arabic & French.

Includes: 19 books, 10 posters, rechargable E-Pen, Lanyard, USB cable & wall plug (EU)

Function 1: touch&read, repeat, spelling, recording
Function 2: multi-language selection, interactive games and quiz Function 3: ABC learning, multi-language learning, musical learning... Function 4: sign language learning, story telling

19pcs books=1.7KG
1)book1 :Hijaiyyah words
2)book2:learning about words
3)book3 :learning numbers
4)book4 :learning how to count
5)book5 :my family
6)book 6:Nursing equipments
7)book7:names of clothes
8) book8 :home equipments
9)book9 :school equipments
10)book10 :colours and shape
11)book 11:type of food
12)book 12 :names of Animals
13)book 13:learning time
14)book 14:children education songs
15)book 1 :pillars of Islam
16)book 2:Learning about ablution
17)book 3 :learning solat
18)book 4:Hisnul Muslim
19)The 30th part of Quran

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